Positively Delicious!

Good food and relaxing in nature” Yes please! This event was organised and hosted by the talented Chef, Jacqueline Wise at the Knepp Estate Farm in Horsham. The event was based on sharing delicious gourmet recipes that focus on using local, foraged and seasonal ingredients. A key focus of the day was learning how food and cooking can be used as a way to relax and connect with ourselves/others. Yoga mats at the ready – we learnt how a simple chocolate button combined with a meditation exercise can help ease the stresses in our lives! (Oh and let’s not forget the delicious brownie to start!)

We proceeded on to making pasta from scratch for our sweet and savoury meal. Dough for our flat bread starter – mixing herbs and spices into the dough to create different flavours (foraged wild garlic, YES!!) which we later cooked over an open fire!

Teaming up – we made our sweet and savoury pasta (ravioli, tortellini and pici pasta!) with a little competition and a lot of laughing!

After our beautifully presented and homemade feast, we ended the day with a splash – quite literally – wild swimming in the nearby lake…! It was a day to remember and an absolute joy to photograph!!

A big thank you to Jacqueline and her team at Positively Delicious!


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