I live in Kingston upon Thames with my partner Jim - He spends his time making coffee and electric guitars! (Lockdown has been filled with lots of yummy coffee and great music!)


I absolutely love weddings, and being the one to capture those intimate, life changing & often boozy moments! I suppose it started when I was in sixth form and a teacher came to the photography department and asked if there were some students that wanted to photograph her wedding. I said yes... fast forward 14 years and here I am!


I am a (favourite) aunty of two, I know how precious these moments are and how difficult they can be to capture without a little help! That's why I love photographing families and babies - I have loved watching my Niece and Nephew grow, and being the one to document their first everything - from first few days in the world to the first ice-cream lick!


Favourite things in life...


I love anything crafty! Knitting to doodling to baking! I bake with a very good friend of mine - we make cakes for birthdays, parties - and we've done the occasional wedding cake!


I love the colour pink - pink everything! I'm a big tea drinker (sorry Jim!) so, when I meet with my clients we'll usually meet over a cup of tea... and if we really hit it off - a glass of wine!


Feel free to get in touch If you want to find out more – I’d love to hear from you!