A Snowy Sunday

Making the most of it…

I don’t know about you, but the sight of snow was exactly what I needed! It didn’t last long for us, but it was enough to hear screams of joy and watch people building snow men!

With all the restrictions I’m not able to shoot as I want to – with lovely couples, babies and families. So when that snow came I was DESPERATE to get something with someone surrounded by the glorious short-lived, white wonderland! I looked to my partner Jim – with BIG pleading eyes – and then got the tripod out!!

We stuck the tripod between the door and the balcony, set the camera to self timer – 10 seconds to step over all the legs, squeeze between Jimmy and the balcony railing and quickly nab one last look in the window reflection… Oft! Jimmy went to drama school, he’s a trained actor – taking photographs of him was a piece of cake! I on the other hand – needed some work when it came to posing! By the time I was ready, the seconds were still going and my pose felt stale – or I’d stupidly frown and glance at Jimmy with a ‘why isn’t it taking’ look!

By the end of the shoot there was a mixture of focused, out of focus, smiley, grumpy, awkward, confused, bored-of-this, can-we-eat-now… looks (Mostly from Jimmy, I promised him pancakes!) but more importantly – now we have memories of US making the most of a snowy Sunday morning, during a time where all we could do is STAY AT HOME! x

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